Get your Single Engine Turbine Class Rating and charter the Piper Meridian PA46

Wouldn´t you enjoy to cruise at 260 knots at flight level 300 well above the weather - no matter whether the occasion is a business meeting in London or a shopping tour in Milan? While you at the controls and your seatmate in the cockpit are savoring the experience of flying at a completely new level, your passengers in the club seating are having a relaxed chat looking forward to the destination. The quietness of the pressurized cabin as well as the efficient air conditioning contributing to that.

Die Klassenberechtigung SET / Piper Meridian PA46

If you now get an appetite for taking a significant new step in your flying career, please do ask us how to get the qualification to fly and charter the PA46.

SET Schubhebel

Goal of the training with us is to receive a Class Rating for Single Engine Turbine aircraft (SET).

The extent of the training may be reduced in accordance with the individual flying experience and knowledge of the candidate.

If for example, an applicant has already major experience on propjet- or jet-aircraft, a significant reduction in the scope of training is possible. Also candidates with experience on the piston-driven version of this Piper-aircraft can expect a certain reduction.

Theoretical Training

The theory tuition comprises of 24 hours of classroom learning and contains the following topics:

  • Overview & Airframe Structure
  • Powerplant, Fuel System
  • Flight Controls
  • Electrical and Environmental System
  • Hydraulics and Landing Gear
  • Ice Protection
  • Flight Instrumentation
  • Bendix - 2000 WX-Radar
  • Performance and Flight Planning
  • Review of Limitations and Emergency Procedure

The theoretical part will be concluded by an in-house test of the school.

Practical Training

The practical tuition basically consists of 10 hours at/in the aircraft and is structured as follows:

  • 2 hours cockpit-time on the ground
  • 8 hours of VFR/IFR flight training

It is basically possible to operate the aircraft purely according to VFR. In this case the training will also be VFR only.

The practical training will be concluded by a 2-hour Skilltest.

Class Rating Revalidation

Bi-annual proficiency check with an examiner.